Independent PCA acts as a catalyst to significantly improve your process chemistry performance and overall productivity. Working together with your process chemistry team at the industrial site and chemical supplier, all the relevant people can be present in your Private Collaborative Web.

These Private Collaborative Webs are different. Independent PCA helps to facilitate information flow, measure process chemistry with confidence and accelerate the improvements in process chemistry. It is entirely data-driven and impartial.

These Private Collaborative Webs are an efficient way to communicate with key personnel. The process chemistry technical information is captured in a database and backed up – no difficult to find emails and lost emails. This unstructured data is indexed and can be searched.

PCA manages the IT infrastructure, in combination with various cloud service providers. This information management is important for a structured, scientific approach to achieving the process chemistry improvements.

Private collaborative webs can be set up for each chemical supplier at an industrial site and for each process chemistry project.

Industrial sites may decide not to include the chemical supplier in their web. Chemical suppliers may decide not to include the industrial site. It is up to you who you give access to. In the future, the web of relationships can evolve to exploit fresh opportunities and drop deteriorating ones.

You can register and pay for a Private Collaborative Web online here. This will be set up with private access for your nominated people. One industrial site and chemical supplier per private web, maximum five users, maximum five process chemistry projects.

Nominated people can register with their email addresses here. Normally, it takes 24 – 48 hours to set up the access rights to your Private Collaborative Web.

Contact us if you need more information about Private Collaborative Webs and PCA services. Building better process chemistry solutions for industrial sites.


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