What makes a great musical performance? Is it the conductor? The soloist? The orchestra? The composer? Or, is it all of these things together?

It is the subtle interplay of the musical instruments, the thousands of individual notes, the timing and the artistic interpretation that produce the end result. And each instrument has its unique sound fingerprint, timbre, vibrations that positively mingle!

There are many variables that need to be interpreted and controlled in real time. The overall control algorithm is the composer’s music score. It coordinates the musicians who are interpreting it in real time!

Similarly, in a chemical process. There are many chemicals mingling together in real time, each with its unique vibration fingerprint. Some are reacting and transforming into other chemicals.

Operators are monitoring, interpreting and controlling production variables in real time. It’s a dynamic system with feedback loops, chemical kinetics and time constants.

Process chemistry analytics is an exciting, rapidly developing area that can help to make great production performances.

How can process chemistry analytics help me today?

Watch and appreciate an example of a great musical performance: