The vision of PCA is to be the leading, trusted, go to process chemistry analytics service for companies internationally that want to improve their process chemistry performance.

Process chemistry analytics applies process chemistry knowledge, advanced statistical methods and information technology to improve the understanding and control of the production process.

It is a rapidly developing, innovative and scalable service model for industry.

Being independent of chemical suppliers and industrial sites, it provides impartial, scientific assessments based on the industrial site’s own production data. Who do you trust?

It can be used by chemical suppliers to help them convince their industrial client of the true, quantifiable benefits of their chemical treatment. And, as a service for their industrial client, to get their chemical treatment independently verified.

It can be used by industrial sites, who want to significantly improve their process chemistry or, are unhappy with their chemical treatment or chemical supplier.

Working together with all stakeholders, it can be the catalyst for significant improvements in process chemistry performance.

Too often, opportunities to improve the process chemistry are missed. There tends to be a lack of trust between chemical suppliers, who mainly want to sell more chemicals, and industrial sites. This process chemistry analytics provides independent assessments of chemical treatments and benchmarks their performance.

It starts with talking. Let’s talk.


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