Managing Spurious Correlations

With top musicians and a positive, supportive environment, a great musical performance is almost guaranteed. But what happens if any of these are below par?


Grieg piano concerto in A minor opening

Grieg piano concerto in A minor opening


As for process chemistry, is your business applying statistical process chemistry correlations in an above par way? If not, there is the risk of finding and acting on spurious correlations that could cause financial losses or missed opportunities. However, tests are available to check if correlations are spurious and these can stop them from becoming a problem.

What techniques are you using and are they reliable enough? Six Sigma, Kaizen, predictive analytics…? Are you seeing too many defects, false positives or false negatives? Is process chemistry improvement too slow to meet your business objectives?

Spurious correlations can result in below par conclusions and actions. Higher risks, accumulated costs and missed opportunities for your business.

Managing these in normal times is challenging enough. Especially so now that many businesses have to cope with lower production and sales levels due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

PCA can assist in making more reliable conclusions and actions, whether as a catalyst for your existing team or, as an outsourced service. Being outside of your organisation, PCA can look at the situation more objectively. And there are many areas where PCA can assist. Some are listed below, expressed in terms of Google Autocomplete long-tail keywords:

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About This Site

PCA is the independent technology service assisting industry to improve process, chemistry, productivity, sustainability. For Chemicals, Mining, Paper, Metals, Alumina, Food, Utilities, Retail and other Industries.

With PCA's Core Trust Design, processes, chemistry, equipment and control strategies are assessed in an impartial, objective manner using industrial process and chemistry knowledge, the industrial site's own data and "statistical thinking".

The founder of PCA holds discussions with the client to define the objectives and scope of work. With decades of experience in process and chemistry technical consulting for multinationals in the Chemical and other industries, such as Mining, Paper & Board, Metals, Alumina, Food & Beverage, Utilities. Work directly with the founder of PCA, not an intermediary. Trust in a positive outcome.

PCA is the originator of the PCA Trust System - A PCA Innovation. Using advanced cryptography and public blockchain, Trust Statements can be produced for any supplier, manufacturer and industry that wants to build trust in their process, product or service marketing.

PCA Trust Statements are unique and the most secure form of statement. The client can use them to make verifiable statements important for the marketing of their business.