Birmingham City University is developing the world’s first digital safety certificate to protect suppliers and consumers from risks associated with COVID-19.

“For supply chains, coronavirus represents a crisis of trust because we cannot any longer automatically trust goods or suppliers. However, as the Coronavirus Clearance Certificate (CCC) is independently verified it can be issued to organisations, products, and even people that take appropriate steps to manage risks from coronavirus. I am proud that Birmingham City University is able to contribute in this way at this time.” Professor Nassim Belbaly, director of Birmingham City Business School. Here is the link to the announcement at Birmingham City University.

For coronavirus this is an important development.

For process chemistry analytics, independent PCA is already digitally signing each report to prove authenticity and trust. Industrial sites, chemical and other suppliers can show that their process, product or service has been independently verified.

Each PCA digital signature can be private or made publicly auditable on a leading blockchain, it’s your choice!


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