Developing Scientific Intuition: “People are particularly bad at statistical thinking, which requires careful weighing of evidence by the slower analytic mind.”

“In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, the eminent psychologist Daniel Kahneman warns about overreliance on intuition. Such fast thinking can easily go astray, leading to incorrect assertions based on too little information.”

“Associative memory can generate compelling intuitions that are false, so subjective confidence is not a good diagnostic of accuracy.”

PCA (Process Chemistry Analytics) provides balance to this tendency of relying too much on expert intuition. Leading to better decisions.

Our ‘Remote Delivery Trust’ builds another layer of trust on top of PCA’s ‘Core Trust Design’. Our ‘Core Trust Design’ is built into our independent, highly objective assessments of industrial process chemistry performance. We use the industrial site’s own data and proven, peer-reviewed statistical algorithms to report on the data.


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