As PCA is an independent technology service working with data via remote teams, it is positioned for the new normal. And, building trust is critical for success in the new normal.

Increasingly, in order to sell their products and services, suppliers will need to get their technologies independently validated in the new normal. PCA is an independent digitally enabled service that applies mathematics to measure process and production performance based on the industrial site’s own data.

“What business travel will look like in the new normal”

“Entering an airport, flying, and staying at a hotel will never be the same, observers say.”

“People have some pretty strong feelings about what the future of travel will look like in the new normal and many think that most of what travellers were used to—like long airport security lines, crowded restaurants, and a chaotic boarding process—will go the way of free peanuts.”

“In the blink of an eye, business travel went from a high-status activity to an embarrassment,” wrote Ben Pring, vice president of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, in his futuristic report, “After the Virus,” which imagines life in 2025.

“Business travel, it turned out, was not the engine of commerce we’d thought it was. And those who still hop on a plane to get to a business conference find they’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do.”

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Ben Pring of Cognizant. “Ben’s expertise in helping clients see around corners, think the unthinkable, and calculate the compound annual growth rate of unintended consequences has made him an internationally recognised expert on leading edge technology and its intersection with business and society.”

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