As previously explained, we have the capability to digitally sign and record each independent process chemistry report on a public blockchain. It is up to the client if they want to do this.

This can be an anonymous code or, the company name can be included in the code.

The benefits to the client of doing this are principally, the building of further trust in their process, product or service. And, promoting in their marketing that their process chemistry solution has been independently verified.

In the words of the Economist, blockchains are a “trust machine.”

Improved sales processes. “The B2B sales process is based on relationships and responsibility,” said Jeremy Epstein, blockchain marketing expert and CEO of blockchain consulting firm, Never Stop Marketing. B2B sales relationships are ongoing, have a longer lifespan, and in general, require a longer sales cycle than B2C sales. “Trust is essential to B2B sales success and blockchain technology represents a way to expedite the creation of trusted relationships at lower costs” he continued.

Here is a link to the Forbes article:

How Blockchain Technology Can Help B2B Companies Become More Profitable


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