Private Collaborative Webs – Now on Slack Platform

PCA currently uses Private Collaborative Webs on the Slack platform. Slack manages the IT infrastructure in the cloud, with enterprise-grade data protection that meets your compliance requirements.

PCA acts as a catalyst to significantly improve your process and chemistry performance and overall productivity. Working together with your process and chemistry team at the industrial site and chemical supplier, all the relevant people can be present in your Private Collaborative Web.

Private Webs with PCA are different. Independent PCA helps to facilitate information flow, report on process and chemistry with confidence, accelerating improvements in process and chemistry. It is entirely data-driven and impartial.

These Private Webs are an efficient way to communicate with key personnel. The process and chemistry technical information is captured in a database and backed up – no difficult to find emails and lost emails. This unstructured data is indexed and can be searched.

Private Collaborative Webs enable efficient team and workflow communications. Important for a structured, scientific approach to achieving process and chemistry improvements.

Slack is an online private collaborative web space for more efficient team and workflow communications. With enterprise-grade data protection that meets your compliance requirements. Click here for Slack terms & policies.



Slack - Private Collaborative Web

PCA Private Collaborative Webs are currently on the Slack Platform. With enterprise-grade data protection that meets your compliance requirements

About This Site

PCA is the independent technology service assisting industry to improve process, chemistry, productivity, sustainability. For Chemicals, Mining, Paper, Metals, Alumina, Food, Utilities, Retail and other Industries.

With PCA's Core Trust Design, processes, chemistry, equipment and control strategies are assessed in an impartial, objective manner using industrial process and chemistry knowledge, the industrial site's own data and "statistical thinking".

The founder of PCA holds discussions with the client to define the objectives and scope of work. With decades of experience in process and chemistry technical consulting for multinationals in the Chemical and other industries, such as Mining, Paper & Board, Metals, Alumina, Food & Beverage, Utilities. Work directly with the founder of PCA, not an intermediary. Trust in a positive outcome.

PCA is the originator of the PCA Trust System - A PCA Innovation. Using advanced cryptography and public blockchain, Trust Statements can be produced for any supplier, manufacturer and industry that wants to build trust in their process, product or service marketing.

PCA Trust Statements are unique and the most secure form of statement. The client can use them to make verifiable statements important for the marketing of their business.