“Marketing has changed a lot in the past decade, but it’s about to go through another revolution, thanks in large part to blockchain.”

Hello, Authentication and Transparency

“In the past, people would shop everything from eBay to Craigslist to Whole Foods and hope—fingers crossed—that they were buying what was being marketed to them. Was the item organic? Authentic? Was it really grown or made in a fair-trade/fair-pay environment? Or was it manufactured in a sweat shop powered by child workers? Thanks to blockchain, consumers can finally know the answers to these questions, and many more. With the power of blockchain, companies are able to verify exactly where an item was manufactured or grown, what kinds of soil the items were grown in, or how much workers get paid to work there. This is huge, especially in an era where consumers care more and more not just about the quality of what they are buying, but of the integrity of company and processes creating them.”

The Forbes article is linked here, How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

It is relevant to consumer facing industries and their B2B suppliers.

PCA is already blockchain enabled. We can help your process, product or service to benefit from blockchain authentication and transparency.


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